Nebraska Code Conference 2015

We are excited to have the opportunity for both Brent and Duane to present sessions at Nebraska.Code() in just a couple weeks. If you are in the NE/KS area and are looking for a great conference to learn about new tech, network, and see some presentations from sought after speakers (like Mads Kristensen, Richard Campbell, Carl Franklin, and Pete Brown) you should consider attending NCC March 19th-21st in Lincoln, NE.

If you will be attending NCC we hope we get to see you in our sessions. We are both presenting on Friday (3/20) afternoon with Brent speaking at 3:30 and Duane at 4:45.

Brent will be presenting Level Up with PowerShell at 3:30pm

Time is a valuable and precious resource, and it seems there are never enough hours in a day. Come learn how PowerShell can empower you to be a more effective developer. We'll look at how PowerShell can be used to help solve common problems and examine what makes it such a rich and powerful tool.

Duane will be presenting: Xamarin Forms: Writing one app to rule all your platforms at 4:45

Are you seeking the Holy Grail of Write Once Run Anywhere app development? Then Xamarin Forms might be what you are looking for. This session will give you the information you need to understand Xamarin Forms and how it can be used to lower the friction of cross platform mobile development. You will see how easy it is to simultaneously create your app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

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